Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord (D) abruptly resigns, plea-bargains.

You almost have to feel sorry for new Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf (D). The man’s just moved into Harrisburg, gotten his voice mail straightened out, starting to get a feel for the morning commute, and then WHAMM! – his (Democratic) Attorney General (Kathleen Kane) is on the verge of being indicted for perjury and his (Democratic) Treasurer (Rob McCord) is resigning, not to mention preparing to plead out on extortion charges:


State Treasurer Rob McCord, a former Democratic candidate for governor, gave up his post today and apologized to the citizens of Pennsylvania, his government staff and family for threatening two campaign contributors with the loss of state business if they did not give to his campaign.

Note that I said ‘almost.’  Although, to be marginally fair: both Attorney General and Treasurer are elected positions in Pennsylvania. Tom Wolf can probably make a plausible enough case for saying that he didn’t know anything about either scandal, because he just got here and this is the first that he’s really hearing about it. Whether that’ll work on the electorate has yet to be determined. As to whether Treasurer McCord’s sudden fall from grace will induce AG Kane to jump, or perhaps be pushed? – You should probably check with somebody who knows Pennsylvanian state politics better than I do. All I know is that the Democrats are rapidly running out of competent statewide candidates and officials in that state…

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