Maryland AAG Karen Straughn's embarrassing urban legend credulousness.

I think that you have to look on the bright side when it comes to situations like these… OK, the text is hard to excerpt. Basically, Maryland Assistant Attorney General (Consumer Protection) Karen Straughn is going around telling people to watch out for carjackers who strike via putting $100 bills under windshield wipers, despite the fact that she knows that it’s not actually happening (it’s an urban legend).  Reason waxed sarcastically wroth; most wondrously sarcastically wroth over this, and understandably so.  Because of AAG Straughn, something like this is ever so slightly more likely to happen, and never mind that the basic idea is absurd; copycats are not always fueled by – ha! – reason.


But here’s the bright side. New Attorney General (Democrat, sure) – and, hey, new Governor (Republican*).  Maybe we can actually get AAG Straughn back into the private sector.  Which sounds crazy, but then: so did electing a Republican governor of Maryland.  When greater miracles have transpired, surely a lesser one is possible**…

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Moe Lane (crosspost)


**You may be feeling a strange sensation right now; an emotional state best described as the lack of the awareness that the worst possible result for a particular situation will of course also be the inevitable result.  Our researchers here at the VRWC have tentatively named this emotional state as ‘hope:’ to the best of our knowledge, it has no lasting long-term ill effects.



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