Three days to go until the elections. The die is cast. So CALM DOWN.

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Put another way: “Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your safety belts and put your tray tables back up into the full, upright position. We are beginning our final approach: our estimated touch-down time will be 72 hours.”


Seriously, folks: this is the home stretch for the elections.  The polls are highly unlikely to be anything except chaotic noise at this point; the fundamentals of the various races have been locked in*; and it’s going to take the equivalent of getting caught with a dead girl/boy** at this point to REALLY move the needle for any one candidate.  None of this means that you should just look at the RCP averages at this moment in time and say That’s Tuesday’s total***; just that there’s a limit to what people can do, and we’re reaching it.

If you haven’t voted yet, and you can: vote. Otherwise, do it Tuesday.  If your local Republican group says that they need last-minute staffers, give ’em a hand.  Other than that… practice your deep breathing, center your chi energy, activate your chakras, meditate, pray for serenity, have a glass of wine from a bottle that’s one step up from your usual fare… whatever you do to loosen up and shed stress, go and do it.  Because we are on the glide path, and you might as well relax and enjoy the ride.  It’s not like you have an alternative anyway.


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Moe Lane (crosspost)

*By the way?  Nobody really knows what those fundamentals are.  Although everybody in the world feels confident about claiming that they do.

**”Caught with a dead girl or a live boy” just doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it, in this modern era.

***Although 52 (53 either if you believe Orman [I do not], or think that Roberts will pull it out of the dive [I do]) does have its points.  I think that the Democrats are counting just a little too much on the 2010 crop of Republicans not being able to survive in 2016.


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