Staten Island Advance endorses... Michael Grimm (R, New York-11).

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Why then, this is Hell: nor is the Staten Island Advance out of it.

There are, on occasion, electoral races in which both candidates are of high quality and high integrity and conduct a tough but fair campaign about the issues.

Fair-minded voters have a difficult choice, but they can know that, no matter who is elected, they’ll be well represented by someone who won’t embarrass their community.

The election for the House of Representatives seat in the 11th New York Congressional District is nothing like that.


It is a testimony to the horrible job done by the DCCC this cycle that the paper had to end up endorsing Michael Grimm, ‘the sometimes hot-headed Republican incumbent who is facing a 20-count federal indictment.’  Speaking frankly: we wrote this seat off.  Hey, it happens.  Every so often a guy slips through the screens and ends up threatening reporters and/or having sex in night club bathrooms*.  But apparently the Democrats decided that they could just shove anybody into that race and get a win.


Maybe not.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

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PS: John Katko for New York-24. Yes, I know that this article is about New York-11.  …John Katko for New York-24.

PPS: This is not a good election cycle for the Democratic party.


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