You won't believe what these immigration activists did at Kay Hagan's campaign rally!

No, really.  You won’t believe it.


“Nnnooo, no no no no nononono”

Via @katherinemiller and @JohnEkdhal.  Basically, what’s going on here is that [mc_name name=’Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’H001049′ ] (D, North Carolina) is pretending to actually care about immigration. No, seriously: Buzzfeed notes that Sen. Hagan has been pandering on the issue; her rhetoric is largely designed to keep the Democratic base from getting too ornery, but her votes are pretty clearly designed to not provoke anybody else. Anyway… whatever your position is on immigration, I think that we can all agree that Kay Hagan’s is about as trustworthy as a long-abandoned rope bridge with dry rot.  Certainly the Latino activists found in the above video think so, which is why they crashed Hagan’s rally.  Complete with signs saying Kay Hagan has lost my vote.


Not much else to say, except of course that Kay Hagan is not very good at being heckled, apparently.  In fact, her entire staff there ended up looking like a bunch of dunderheaded nincompoops that can’t even manage basic event security.  Which is probably convenient in a bizarre sort of way, because I guess that’s what they are

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yeah, I’m very much well aware that Kay Hagan is 1.6 points ahead in the polls.  Only thing is: a month ago that was 4.8 points.  It’s complicated by the third-party candidate, who in a marvelous change of pace is cutting into the Democrat for a change…

PPS: Thom Tillis for Senator. And I write that, knowing that Tillis is a bit harder on immigration issues than I am.  At least he’s got a position, you know what I mean?  Kay Hagan will lie to her own supporters’ faces, and blatantly think that it’s funny.


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