American Bridge's (read: Michelle Nunn's) incompetent attempt to smear David Perdue.

I know that I wrote this up already, but I did before I got some critical information on the subject. To recap: this afternoon, [Brad] [Oops! – ML] Woodhouse (chief minion of the rabid Democratic lackeys over at American Bridge) thought that he had done his part for Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn by peddling out a fake story that Republican candidate David Perdue had signed a woman’s torso. Presumably the intent here was to go into yet another iteration of the Democrats’ ‘War on Women’ nonsense-meme.  Unfortunately for Michelle Nunn and the aforementioned lackeys, it blew up in their faces:


David Perdue, the Republican running for Georgia’s open Senate seat, was signing an insulin pump — not a young woman’s stomach — in a video released Friday.

In the video, taped by a Democratic opposition group and obtained by Buzzfeed, Perdue is seen leaning down to sign something on a young woman’s abdomen at a campaign rally before someone blocks the camera’s view.

“No pictures on this,” Perdue is heard saying.

…Not that a request to respect a woman’s privacy is ever going to stop an American Bridge paparazzi from going Full Metal Democratic in his or her quest to fill that pesky, aching void in the soul.  As the Hill notes, it was an insulin pump that Perdue signed; Buzzfeed later had to publish an embarrassing retraction, including the following statement from the family.

“This video is extremely disrespectful to our family and our young daughter’s privacy. We were shocked when we discovered this being taken out of context because our daughter requested to have her diabetic pump signed. This is something she has done with multiple other prominent figures and will continue to do in raising awareness for juvenile diabetes. We were surrounded by friends and family who understood our daughter’s desire for privacy. We hope that the media and others will respect our wishes and make this go away for our daughter and our family.”


American Bridge’s Brad Woodhouse is even now desperately trying to claim that American Bridge didn’t flog the story. Alas, that, too is contradicted by the fellow’s own emails:

The specific video itself has been taken down. But only because American Bridge and Brad Woodhouse got caught*.  They will continue to revisit this tactic of misleading video footage (it was obvious what David Perdue was actually doing), in the same way that a dog proverbially returns to its vomit.  And Democratic politicians like Michelle Nunn will continue to rely on such useful minions: again, in much the… well.  Delicacy prohibits me from finishing that sentence.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: David Perdue for Georgia-SEN.  Because do you really want people who would lie about a woman who has juvenile diabetes to win?

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*Always have a camera. Always have a camera. ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA. Record everything. Record everything. RECORD EVERYTHING. “What I tell you three times is true.”



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