A vote for Democrats is 'A Vote for President Obama.'

Variants of this are going up in six states:


Courtesy of Freedom Partners Action Fund, this is part of a $6.5 million ad buy hitting Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire (online only), and North Carolina. Which is good news, but I have to ask something: how, in God’s name, can anybody look at this and not see it as speech? Just how ignorant do the professional scaremongers of the Democratic party think that we are that we might not recognize that the ability to say This politician is a fool; do not vote for fools is the bedrock of the First Amendment? What are they scared of?


And don’t say ‘Charles and David Koch.’  We let the Left off too easy when we pretend that they really are scared of those two particular men*. And it’s certainly not ‘corporations,’ either.  Democratic and progressive groups are never shy about letting corporations say things that are pleasing to Democrats and progressives.  I don’t even think that it’s speech itself: goodness knows that the Left never shuts up.  Perhaps they’re just afraid that they’re wrong, and this is simply the Activist Left’s way of shouting down the little whispers of doubt inside their own heads? – It’s a theory that does at least have the virtue of simplicity.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Freedom Partners Action Fund, by the way, registered as a Super PAC specifically so that it can endorse candidates by name. …And it really does amaze me that we have to have this level of byzantine regulatory state simply to say This politician is a fool.  Vote instead for this politician, who is not a fool. What part of Congress shall make no law was unclear?

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*Who are, by the way, currently funding Sixth Amendment rights: “The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers announced this week that it’s getting a “major grant” from Koch Industries Inc. to support the group’s indigent defense training programs and to study how states can do a better job of delivering legal services to the poor.”  To quote someone or other, it’s all part of their insidious libertarian conspiracy to take over the world and then leave you the heck alone.



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