Michelle Nunn cowardly refuses to stand with Barack Obama.

Why is it so difficult for a Democrat to admit that he or she voted for Barack Obama?


That’s a rhetorical question, of course. What’s not rhetorical is the question: will the Democratic party do anything about this?  After all, when Alison Grimes did pretty much the same thing the Democrats cut her loose and left her out to dry. But I suspect that they will not do this to Michelle Nunn, and here’s why…


bloodlines.  While neither Alison Grimes nor Michelle Nunn are true outsiders to their respective state’s power structures, Grimes is the daughter of a mere former state representative and Nunn the one of a powerful former US Senator.  Sam Nunn would be very unhappy if Nunn had to pay the price for her political cowardice; so don’t expect the same treatment given to her that Grimes got.  There is a hierarchy in the Democratic party, and when one enjoys the hereditary rank in it that Michelle Nunn does then one can expect special consideration.

Amazing how nothing ever changes among Southern Democrats, huh? One standard for the lowland elites, and quite another for the hardscrabble mountain ones. And they wonder why we… well, probably best to not bring up Sherman’s March to the Sea, eh?

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Moe Lane (crosspost)


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