Quote of the Day, 'Election 2014: Suck It Up And Walk It Off' edition.

Frank J is in rare form here:

…back in 2008, Barack Obama was elected president with a Democrat-controlled House and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Many of us correctly knew this was like having a toddler armed with power tools. Others, though, didn’t see the danger and cooed, “Oh, look at that little guy. He’s so industrious! He’s going to get a lot done,” while the rest of us were freaking out, worried about him getting near anything valuable. And before we could yell, “No, little Barry, no!” he went right after health care with his drill, and it’s basically all ruined now.

So in 2010 we voted to take away his power tools by turning the House over to the Republicans. Obama was still a destructive little tyke who just refused to listen, but at least now it was a bit harder for him to burn the whole house down or something. In 2012, we — well, I don’t know how to stretch the analogy — had the option to exchange little Barry at the kid-trade-in emporium and get a better kid who might not be as dumb and destructive. I guess we had grown fond of the little dummy, though, and thought maybe he was finally learning. We were just being sentimental, of course. We really should have done the smart thing and sold the kid to gypsies.


And he just went from there. Here’s a basic truth: this election is a corrective one, and it is part of a multi-cycle correction of the drastically horrible mistakes of the 2006 and 2008 election cycles. In those two terms the American electorate made a horrible collective mistake: we* let the current leadership of the Democratic run the show.  What we can do this go-round is keep things from getting worse… and make no mistake: having Harry Reid in charge of the Senate has made things worse.  Reid keeps doing damage to the country, because he doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about the country.  Removing him from a position of power would be a mitzvah – and while I do not quite mean that word as it was originally used, I do think that it would be an unequivocally moral act to remove Harry Reid from leadership.

Even if his replacement is Mitch McConnell.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*WE. Those of us who didn’t vote are just as culpable as those of us who voted for Democrats.  Those of us who didn’t work hard enough to elect Republicans and conservatives are just as culpable as those of us who voted for Democrats.  What happened afterward was not our fault – evil actions are own by the people who make them – but it is our responsibility to fix, because God knows the Democrats won’t.




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