Roland Burris (D) tried to cash in* while still a US Senator.

Ah, Roland Burris lived up** to the finest traditions of his beloved Chicago Democrats:

[Roland Burris’s] name came up during a pre-trial hearing on Sept. 26 in a bizarre case against a businessman accused of illegally lobbying to overturn U.S. sanctions on the regime of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. Defense attorneys questioned Burris’ credibility as a witness because of allegations he was involved in a shakedown scheme during his time in the Senate.

Then-Sen. Burris offered to promote a business to the U.S. military in exchange for a $250,000 a year job when he left office, court documents allege. An FBI informant made the claim in 2012 during grand jury testimony, according to a transcript of the sidebar conversation between the judge and attorneys that was shared by the Chicago Sun-Times.


It’s all the more impressive when you consider that the man served less than two years, all told.  Usually it takes a Democrat about a term or so before he or she feels comfortable enough to start selling favors***, but Roland Burris was on the job**** from Day One.  Nothing stopping this man from turning power into cash*****, let me tell you…

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*****Allegedly. And yes, I was prepared to run that joke right into the ground, if that’s what it took.  Because this is what I do.


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