Mary Burke (D CAND, Wisconsin-GOV) plagiarized her jobs plan from literal losers.

I don’t know what’s sadder here: that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke can’t even write her own meaningless economic drivel


Large portions of Wisconsin Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s jobs plan for Wisconsin appear to be plagiarized from the plans of three Democratic candidates who ran for governor in previous election cycles.

Burke’s economic plan “Invest for Success” copies nearly-verbatim sections from the jobs plans of Ward Cammack, who ran for Tennessee governor in 2009 before withdrawing from the race, a 2008 plan from Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, and John Gregg who ran for governor of Indiana in 2012 and lost to Mike Pence.

…or that she stole material from two guys that lost.  John Gregg couldn’t beat a Republican in a year where Barack Obama was on the ticket; and Ward Cammack never even made it to the primary election. I’ll grant you that Jack Markell did win: but, hey, it’s Delaware.  The jobs plan for that state is ‘see how much we can siphon off of I-95.’

Buzzfeed(!) has much more, including a list of all the substandard material that the Burke campaign ripped off and their admittedly more original excuse (Erm, yeah, it was a… staffer! From outside*!).  And, actually, I kind of hope that the excuse holds up: it’d mean that the Burke campaign knowingly hired an ‘expert’ whose ‘expertise’ was apparently two-thirds in ‘watch your candidate crash and burn while you get paid for it.’ It’s nice to think that the Other Side has those kinds of people, too.


Note: the plagiarism charge will still stick, in that case.  Still, you’d think that Mary Burke would have stolen from people who won.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Well, more original by comparison.


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