Gwen Graham's (D-CAND, Florida-02) two-faced position on #Obamacare.

The question is not whether Gwen Graham lies. She does. The question is, when did she lie?

  • Did Gwen Graham lie when told the voters in Florida’s Second Congressional District that she thinks that Obamacare needed to be ‘changed‘ so that it works?  – Don’t worry. Safe link.
  • Or did Gwen Graham lie when she agreed with campaign workers that Obamacare was a good thing and that it was becoming less of an issue?

– Because those are actually contradictory statements. If Gwen Graham thinks that Obamacare needs to be changed – and by that we all know that people mean ‘fixed’ – then she should be telling that hard truth to her own supporters, because her own supporters deserve to know what is actually going on.  But if Gwen Graham actually thinks that Obamacare is just jim-dandy and doesn’t need more than mild tweaking, then she shouldn’t cut official campaign ads that make it sound like she’s going to do anything in Congress besides, ah, ‘rubber-stamp the President and the Affordable Care Act and be Nancy Pelosi’s puppet.’

To quote one of the guys who Gwen Graham might be lying to:


Yup.  Tracking video. You’d think that politicians would learn not to say one thing in public, and another in (presumed) private…

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Steve Southerland for Florida-02.