Democrat in Ohio-GOV losing ground among people who... know who he is?

I almost don’t want to write about this.

Ed FitzGerald, the Democrat running against Gov. John Kasich, is somehow less well known today than he was a few months ago.

Quinnipiac University Poll out Wednesday shows 65 percent of registered Ohio voters didn’t know enough about FitzGerald – who announced his campaign in April 2013 – to form an opinion. (The numbers are within the polls’ margins of error.)

That’s actually up from a similar poll in May, when 63 percent said they didn’t know enough about him.

I mean, I have professional pride.  And while I do certainly have tendencies towards cruelty I also have a bad habit of being a big softy when the chips are down.  How do you snark on that?  What can I say about whatshisname that is actually worse than the news that after three months of campaigning people remember him less?  

[time passes]

Seriously: I sat at the computer and thought about it for a while.  Then I went and took a shower.  Got a cup of coffee, straightened up the kids’ bedroom a little, discovered that the youngest somehow managed to make a half gallon of milk (unopened, thankfully) appear out of nowhere, did this and that… and I still got nothing, sorry.  Reality has defeated me.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: People may want to get accustomed to the idea that Gov. John Kasich may very well be on any number of VP shortlists for 2016. Whether he becomes the VP nominee is currently a matter of some debate (or, in fact, derision): just because I think the Matter of Ohio looms over us apparently does not mean that it looms for everybody else.  Guess we’ll see…