Ten years at RedState. Wow.

Since streiff is telling his story…  huh.  I don’t know if I really have any.  As near as I can remember, I more or less segued smoothly over from Tacitus to RedState; I commented, then diaried, then got front-page privileges at the former site, and then started doing the same over at RedState.  I do remember getting moderating privileges, though.  Mostly because the trolls all hid for a day and a half after I started chortling in glee, and I think that I ended up having to ban Neil Stevens.


It’s been a fun decade. At least, on the site.  The political situation has had its ups and downs, to put it mildly.  But I work with a bunch of great people, get bemused access to sitting legislators on the federal level, and every so often I get to be a troll* for the side of Good. Not bad for a kid from Jersey.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I am so totally a troll.  The worst kind of troll, in fact: one with a badge.


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