The Left is using racist slurs about Barack Obama again.

I wonder: don’t any of these people realize that we’ve noticed that the only time – the only time – people feel comfortable referencing Barack Obama’s race as a supposed negative is when it’s a progressive helpfully (insert air quotes here) ‘defending’ the President? White progressives, too. Usually white, male progressives, at that.


Seriously, the veneer is pretty danged thin at this point:

But James Lincoln Collier is defending the President, you understand. He’s not the one calling Barack Obama the n-word: it’s all us horrible conservative wingnuts! …And I’m sure that Collier will be happy to tell you, in loving detail, all the other horrible things that we apparently call the President in that super-secret Illuminati Racist Shadow Media we all belong to. He’d do that strictly for education purposes, of course.

Of course.

(Image via Shutterstock.)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: You realize, of course, that it absolutely infuriates the Left whenever we don’t dutifully say our lines from the script that they feverishly wrote in their heads at 3 AM because the hateful droning in their ears wouldn’t stop buzzing. Which I am… kind of sorry about? I mean,


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