No, an Obama Presidential Library / outhouse float is not racist. ...*Duh*.

I’m going to change it up a little and show you this comparison picture first


…because I want people to understand precisely how STUPID – and unfortunately revealing – this latest nonsense on stilts is:


A float comparing President Barack Obama’s future presidential library to an outhouse has drawn criticism from some after it appeared in the Fourth of July parade in Norfolk [Nebraska].

It featured a wooden outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library” and a figure in overalls standing outside the structure. [He’s also got a walker. – ML]

“I’m angry and I’m scared,” Norfolk resident Glory Kathurima told the Lincoln Journal Star. “The float was not just political; this was absolutely a racial statement.”

To all the dunderheads out there: no, it is a rude suggestion that the President’s legacy is likely to go right into the outhouse.  Note that I am bowdlerizing, given that the average person making that observation would use some considerably earthier terms. But if you are the sort of person who thinks that the most important part of ‘scene of a black guy in overalls, using a walker, and posed in front of an outhouse’ is ‘scene of a black guy in overalls, using a walker, and posed in front of an outhouse’ – then guess what, you’re right! There is somebody involved in this entire pathetic ‘scandal’ that’s absolutely consumed by racial animus and stereotyping! …The problem is, it’s you.

There are two problems with having to take the aforementioned racists seriously, though.  First off, they waste the valuable time of non-racists like myself (or most of the people reading this). Secondly, the real issue with having to deal with hysterical accusations of racism such as this one is that the mere aforementioned hysteria tends to cheapen the very term – or worse, mainstream it.  It’s like the entire ‘waterboarding as torture’ nonsense: when the Left managed to get the two terms equated in America’s heads, the goal was to make the former as hated as the latter.  It was not to get people to decide that maybe torture wasn’t so bad, after all.


So, speaking as a member of the Republican party – you know, the party with the grown-ups – I suggest that the folks getting ready to scream ‘racism’ do Western society a favor by sitting down, and having a nice big cup of Shut The Heck Up.  The last thing we need are for those people to try to ‘help’ the rest of us again and just make matters worse.  I’ve read enough American literature to know that there are certain opinions from the 19th Century that should stay there, thanks…

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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