Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, CT bans RedState! (Attn: @seanwilliams537, @SenatorKane32)

54° 40′ Or Fight! has the simultaneously flattering, and creepy, details: we’re going to address this in more detail later, but suffice it to say that some progressive goodthinker at the Nonnewaug High School system decided to block conservative sites – including this one! – while leaving liberal ones up and running. ‘Hate speech,’ don’t you know.  Which is really awkward, given that the school is blocking the state Republican party while letting the state Democratic party through.

And that will undoubtedly come as a bit of a shock to state Representative (and Assistant Leader) Sean J Williams and state Senator (and Deputy Minority Leader) Robert Kane, who both simultaneously represent this particular area and who happen to be members of the Connecticut Republican party.  Far be it from me to give advice to legislators…



…but I think that someone needs to look into this, methinks.  Because while selectively blocking websites may be perversely flattering, it’s also creepy as all get-out.  And, frankly, not something that a school system should have any kind of anonymous say over.

Moe Lane

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