Select Benghazi Congressional investigating committee announced. #benghazi

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte And Rep. Trey Gowdy Discuss Immigration ReformElections have consequences: “House Republicans have decided the select committee to investigate the Benghazi terror attack will include seven Republicans and five Democrats, according to two senior House GOP leadership aides.”  This is in stark contrast to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrow-raising demand that Democrats be given equal membership on said committee: it’s an open question whether Pelosi will appoint anybody at all at this point.  Given her generally poor decision-making since 2009, I’m going to guess that she’ll boycott the entire thing out of pique until it becomes clear that playing even a bad hand on this still beats playing no hand at all.


And when I say that elections have consequences, I am not snarking – well, I’m not just snarking.  I’m also quoting select committee chair Trey Gowdy (via Hot Air):

Trey Gowdy: …I can tell you this. It is not going to be evenly constituted and when she was Speaker Pelosi, she certainly showed no interests in having an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

We’re in the majority. That may or may not be the case after November but we’re in the majority right now and we’re in the majority for a reason. And I just find it interesting that people’s ability to do math changes when they go from being the Speaker to the Minority Leader.

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum: So what, tell me what composition you see on this select committee? What would you like it to be?

Gowdy: Well, the Speaker is going to decide that. Something in the 10-7 range or like what we have with other committees now. Every committee of Congress is constituted with more Republicans than Democrats because there are more Republicans than Democrats. And i hasten to add, every committee in the Senate is constituted with more Democrats than Republicans. I mean there are consequences to elections.


Bolding mine.  Also: Trey Gowdy was a prosecutor before he went to Congress. If that didn’t make your ears pick up, it should have.  He’s talking depositions!  – ooh, depositions.  Just the word is fraught with possibilities…

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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