Nancy Pelosi seems to think that #obamacare is *still* a winner.

So, Nancy Pelosi…

Um. Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi. P-E-L-O-S-I. She used to be Speaker of the House, remember? Yeah, back in 2010. She stopped being Speaker after the Republican party used Obamacare to gut the Democrats’ House caucus. …What? Oh, no, she didn’t retire: Nancy stayed on as House Minority Leader, which is pretty much why the GOP only lost a handful of seats in 2012. No, I don’t know why she stuck around either.


But Nancy Pelosi is still around! And she’s claiming that the GOP won’t be able to run on Obamacare this year.

Republicans are “wasting their time” using ObamaCare as an electoral issue, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) said Thursday.

Days after the healthcare law was seen as a decisive issue in her party’s special election loss in Florida, Pelosi insisted GOP attacks would backfire and that Democrats would embrace ObamaCare on the campaign trail.

You have to remember: from a very narrow, very parochial angle Nancy Pelosi has the glimmering of a point. Very few House races will be decided at this point over Obamacare, largely because very few House races are up for grabs at all. Obamacare was pure death on that subset of Democrats designated as Should Have Known Better: most of those were cleaned out in 2010, and the remainder are now more endangered than California condors (albeit, not nearly as protected). The GOP is probably going to gain no more than ten seats. Maybe a dozen. The rest of the House Democratic Caucus possess seats that are safe enough that they don’t have to worry overmuch about… anything, really.

But that’s just the House. Over in the Senate… I fully invite any and all Democratic Senators to take Nancy Pelosi’s advice and run on a defense of Obamacare. The nice thing about Senate races is that they’re almost impossible for Democrats to gerrymander.


(H/T: Instapundit)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: For the record: the major takeaway of the FL-13 special election should be that during this cycle the Democratic party is the one that has to do everything right in order to win a swing election. Their candidates have to be perfect, their fundraising vibrant, and their campaigns have to be utterly without flaw or blemish. If that doesn’t happen… well. I show precisely as much sympathy over that now as was shown to me in 2006 and 2008.


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