Why is @AlexSinkFlorida so starkly terrified of @chucktodd? #fl13

Like Hot Air, I am just a touch bemused at reports that Alex Sink (Democratic candidate for Florida’s 13th district special election) is apparently adamant that she absolutely cannot be at a debate that has NBC’s Chuck Todd moderating it:


When it came to laying down the ground rules for an upcoming debate in the closely watched Florida congressional special election, Democrat Alex Sink — who seems allergic to the national attention her race is getting — had big demands: No NBC. And no Chuck Todd.

Now, as everybody following this will note, Todd did call Alex Sink the worst candidate of 2010. Then again, pretty much everybody will concede that Chuck Todd had at least picked a strong contender for that dubious honor. At any rate, while it is a recognized tactic for front-runners to refuse debates whenever possible, local reporting suggests that a certain skepticism at her chances may be warranted…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: David Jolly for FL-13.


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