PETA caught giving nasty agitprop to kids, and then lies about it.

(Via Hot Air) PETA being nasty:

Parents say they are considering taking PETA to court over an innocent-looking comic handed out to children at Calabash Elementary School in Woodland Hills that contained graphic images of mutilated cows, CBS Los Angeles reports.


The pamphlet appeared to be a cartoon comic and was titled “A Cow’s Life,” but the images inside were horrifying, parents said.


PETA being dumb:

Katie Arth of PETA says that it may have all just been an innocent mix up.

“PETA creates material for kids and for adults,” Arth said. “And it looks like there was just a mistake and our volunteers put the materials together to get them out quicker.”

Oh, really?

Top Left corner.


That reads “PETAkids Comics.” Because that’s the series title that you give comic books that are meant for adults, apparently.

Look, I accept that PETA is, collectively, a nasty piece of work. And I accept that they lie. But they can surely at least avoid stupid lies, yes? …Oh, wait, I forgot: protein and iron deficiencies can be a problem for this crowd. Not enough red meat in their diet, pretty much by definition.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Let me just head the pushback off at the pass: I understand that PETA is going to argue that it was the insert that was the mistake, and that the comic itself is innocuous. I just don’t care. I mean, I’m not the one with the demonstrated inability to distinguish material that’s appropriate for children from material that’s not, right? The lack of a staple ain’t going to help PETA’s case, here.


PPS: As I suspected, PETA is actively pushing back using the ‘mixup in materials’ line (click the Hot Air link above). That they apparently have nobody on staff who can tell the difference between age-appropriate material for children and torture porn was carefully not mentioned. But: PETA will give out free tofu ‘ice cream’ sandwiches, to make up for it!


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