Nasty South Carolinian bigot Dick Harpootlian visited White House.

Way to bury the lead there, Wall Street Journal. Forget various Democrats whining about where that sweet, sweet campaign contribution money is going: this is a bit more pressing.


[Dick] Harpootlian said he visited Joe Biden, the other most prominent potential 2016 contestant, in the White House about a month ago and told the vice president he would support him if he decides to run.

For those who do not remember, Dick Harpootlian is (as the WSJ noted) the former Democratic chair for South Carolina. What the WSJ did not mention is that Harpootlian has a long, long, long history of saying some very nasty things about Republicans in general and the current governor (who happens to be a female minority*) in particular – not to mention the odd bit of gay-baiting. Now, I know that this is more or less par for the course in South Carolina – that state does its political dueling with with live steel down there… but the White House is not in South Carolina. It’s in DC, and the rules are different here.


Frankly, the only proper response from Joe Biden should have involved Secret Service agents and a handy trash pile to absorb the impact of Dick Harpootlian’s rear end being tossed on the street. That it did not suggests two things: 1, Joe Biden wants to be President more than he wants to be a decent human being. 2, Biden’s not a noticeable improvement on Hillary Clinton after all.

Oh, wait, we knew that already, right? My bad.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*And if you missed that somehow, Dick was always happy to make sure that you were updated on the situation.


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