Cover Oregon: "SAUVE QUI PEUT! HOME! HOME! PICKUP AND HOME!" #obamacare

“Any beacon you can hear. Six minutes! All hands, save yourselves, pick up your mates. Home on any beacon! Sauve qui* -”

I am not exaggerating:

Oregon’s troubled health insurance exchange began robocalling applicants Friday, warning them that if they don’t receive enrollment confirmation by Monday, they should seek coverage elsewhere for Jan. 1.

“If you haven’t heard from us by Dec. 23, it is unlikely your application will be processed for Jan. 1 insurance coverage,” a woman’s voice on the pre-recorded call from Cover Oregon says. “If you want to be sure you have insurance coverage starting Jan. 1, you have other options.”

…Heckuva job, John Kitzhaber. Heck of a job.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

Via @Herminator.

*Literary reference**.

**If you inexplicably don’t want to read a classic science fiction novel that makes the Activist Left spit, fine: ‘sauve qui peut’ means ‘every man for himself.’