Sen. Pat Toomey (R, Pennsylvania) relates his family's failed #obamacare exchange situation.

And ‘failed’ is the word:


Just last week, my wife, Kris, tried to sign up on the health exchange website that’s available to us.

Now, my wife is a very sharp woman, she’s a former computer software consultant. She’s also an amazing person and a great mom, but that’s another story.

When Kris went onto the website, she typed in all our personal information and that of all our three children.

And then, when she tried to browse the various plans, the website denied her. She tried again, and it still didn’t work. When she called someone and asked for help, she was told the system just wasn’t working right now and it was best to try again later.


Transcript via Andrew Malcolm. If you want to know how badly the Democrats messed up Obamacare, here you go: they can’t even manage to provide quality service to top government officials and their families*. But Senator Toomey’s looming lack of health care coverage is not the real problem. This (from later in the video) is the real problem:

I recently heard from a woman from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. She has multiple sclerosis — has for years — and ObamaCare kicked her off an insurance plan that worked for her for many years.

Yes, she can get a plan in the new health care exchange. In fact, it turns out there are two options available to her. One of the options would let her keep her doctor. The other would pay for her medication. And neither plan will do both.

These are the kinds of painful and unfair choices millions of people now face.

As I have noted before, there is a basic rule of medicine: first, do no harm. The Democrats have broken this rule, and for no better reason than their own pride and hubris. I want to know how many more people have to get hurt before the Democrats admit that they made a horrific mistake. I may not expect an answer that I would like, but I still want to know how much more of this we will have to take.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Speaking cynically: when you have to defend and support as wildly unpopular a government program as Obamacare has become, the absolutely first people that you need to make sure get good service are the family members of the top ranks of your political opponents. I’d praise the Democrats for their remarkable even-handedness in not showing favoritism, except that I think that they’re just being incompetent and the system really is that bad.


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