@BarackObama breaks through the 40% floor. ...Downwards.

Feast your eyes on this one, folks:



For those without picture access, it shows that Barack Obama has dipped below an average 40% job approval rating on RCP. That more or less means that any policy-making that the Democrats want to do next year will likely not feature the President’s ‘help;’ and, of course, that Barack Obama will have plenty of time to practice his golf swing during the summer and fall of 2014. Only… the Democrats would prefer that he do that in states that do not have a Democratic Senator up for re-election, OK?
Now, I’m not saying that the Democrats are panicking. What they are doing right now is quietly checking to make sure that their second and third lines of defense are adequately stocked and supplied. You know. Just in case.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Untangling the whys and wherefores of the RCP Poll of Polls is a fun way to spend an afternoon and a dangerous way to make a professional living. As a general rule, though… it’s pretty clear that Barack Obama is not on a trajectory that will lead him to success, and the krogan baking him a cake*.


PPS: Here’s RCP’s generic Congressional ballot, by the way.


That number is frankly too good for the GOP: you can make a really good case for it being unsustainable. But then again, we said that a lot during the 2010 election cycle.

*Literary reference.


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