Mary Landrieu (D) and Barack Obama (D) must denounce Lindel Toups (D) blatant racism.

This going to be an epic NAME! THAT! PARTY!!!!!:


It’s important for this to be understood, because Louisiana is going to take a PR hit thanks to the reptilian/[expletive deleted]-for-brains remark [Lindel Toups] was credited with making in a piece appearing Wednesday in the Tri-Parish Times about tomorrow’s referendum in Lafourche Parish about redirecting library funds toward a new parish jail…


But he’s a Democrat. And he’s a white guy. You will not hear that Lindel Toups is a Democrat from any other media source covering his “Let that son of a b[*]tch go back to Mexico” remarks – not the Los Angeles Times, not the Lafayette Independent, not United Press International, not Fox 8 TV in New Orleans, not Esquire Magazine.


And, in point of fact, Lindel Toups is a Democrat – but you knew that already, right? After all, when a politician starts screaming about the perfidy of Mexicans learning English and hippies on food stamps and nobody mentions the political affiliation… well. The “Name That Party” meme exists for a reason.

Still, I’d like to hear if the Democratic Senator for Louisiana has any problems with the blatant racism of Lindel Toups. Note: ‘like.’ Not ‘expect.’

Moe Lane


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