Rep. Joe Garcia's (D, Florida) former chief of staff is going to jail.

But there’s no such thing as election fraud in this country:

Congressman Joe Garcia’s former chief of staff will head to jail for orchestrating a fraudulent, online absentee-ballot request plot during last year’s elections.

Jeffrey Garcia, the Miami Democratic congressman’s longtime political strategist, will spend 90 days in jail as part of a plea deal reached with the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office, the Miami Herald has learned.

The deal, which is expected to be inked Monday, will require Garcia, 41, no relation to the congressman, to plead guilty to requesting absentee ballots on behalf of voters, which is a felony.


Background here. Basically, this particular conviction is a twofer: Jeffrey Garcia was involved with both Joe Garcia (no relation) and fellow-Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy – and don’t think that the latter isn’t quietly worried about this case, too. Especially since 90 days is a bit light, unless… nah, there’s no evidence that Jeffrey Garcia dropped a dime on the Democratic party of Florida.

Not that I have access to the insider stuff, here.

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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