Hardcore antiwar Left attempts to hijack public anger at @barackobama over #shutdown.

You might have noticed last night the groundwork for a future attempt (probably later today) to incite outrage about war veterans getting arrested at a Vietnam Veterans memorial. Turns out that these particular war veterans get arrested every year – in New York – as part of their general antiwar protesting. Don’t believe me? Believe the Atlantic, then:


The gathering took place in part to protest the twelfth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. A similar protest and set of arrests occurred last year at the memorial. In the video embedded below, a veteran tells police that they are there to bring awareness to the “immense atrocities” committed in Vietnam, and that “some of you are so much younger, and history has been denied you, so you just need to know why we are here.”

As you can see, this has nothing to do with Barack Obama or the government shutdown at all. Or, really, our veterans – given that this group thinks that those who served in Vietnam are unindicted war criminals.

Still, this incident does tell us something important: the administration’s calculated insult towards veterans last week is resonating with the American people. If it hadn’t then the hardcore progressives, Marxists, transnationals, and blackshirt anarchists that currently infest the antiwar movement wouldn’t have tried to hijack it for their own purposes.  Because that is their nature.


Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Fair warning: the unholy alliance described above propagates itself among groups in a manner reminiscent of the digger wasp reproductive cycle. You allow them to participate in your cause at your peril.


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