White House confirms: the #obamacare signup numbers are really, really bad.

Which is why they won’t release them for at least a month.

The Obama administration is not planning on releasing enrollment numbers on Obamacare until November, senior administration officials said Monday, as they continued to insist that delays with the healthcare.gov website were entirely the result of high volume.

“We will release monthly data when it is available,” a senior administration official told CNN. “We have not given an exact date, but it will be after end of month and we will work with states to collect their data to have a good picture of what’s happening across the country.”

But the administration has released numbers on the total numbers of visits to the federal site, approximately 8.6 million as of Friday, according to Health and Human Services data. A number cited as evidence of interest in the program. However, it is not clear how many of those who have visited the site were able to successfully use it, or stopped because of technical issues and slow speeds.


This from Jake Tapper, of course. You can tell by that odd, atypical unwillingness of the article to accept the administration’s nonsense at face value… and the bit at the end there, which the administration would call ‘a slam’ and that I would call ‘telling the truth.’ And, hey: we’d both be right!

Not much to add here, except that I have to say that Barack Obama routinely demonstrates a studied cruelty to his most loyal supporters that I would feel bad about exhibiting towards them. And I’m kind of mean that way.

Moe Lane (crosspost)




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