Rep. Mike Pompeo (R, Kansas) rashly promises to sign up for #obamacare exchanges.

I say rashly because he’s making a BIG assumption, here:

Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), an opponent of ObamaCare, said he will try to sign up for the healthcare exchange when it opens Tuesday.

“I’m going to try to enroll tomorrow morning, October 1,” Pompeo vowed. “I wish everyone [signing up for ObamaCare] good luck.


…which is to say, Pompeo is assuming that it will be functionally possible to sign up for the exchanges and actually get a meaningful result. Now, make no mistake: most people will be able to do something tomorrow that the administration will swiftly claim to be ‘signing up for the exchanges,’ even if it’s just entering in contact information. But anybody who just got notified that they are losing their health care as of January 1, 2014 and who would like to start the process of getting replacement coverage now so that they don’t have a gap in coverage is likely to have an incredibly frustrating experience tomorrow.

When that happens, please remember: NO REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR OBAMACARE.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, of course Rep. Pompeo is clued-in:

“It’s going to be chaos, the president knows that,” Pompeo said Monday on CNN’s “New Day.” “He needs to come talk to us so he can avoid a shutdown and avoid the chaos the Affordable Care Act, starting tomorrow, will create.”


Obama needs to do that, yup. He just won’t. Because Harry Reid won’t let him. Hey, take it up with Politico: they’re the ones reporting the story.


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