Some short and sweet advice for the Senate Republican caucus. #obamacare

The Senate Republican Caucus is currently having a rather public fight over the tactics that Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have adopted to try to stop Obamacare before next Tuesday’s train wreck.  I have a position about those tactics, as does everybody reading this.  But let me (as someone who has striven to remain civil to fellow-Republicans about the whole thing) put a word in the ears of the Senators who oppose those tactics: you all agree that Harry Reid is an arrogant, bullying, would-be mastermind. Voting against cloture today merely to spite* him – and making it clear to your Democratic colleagues that you have had enough of their Senate leader – is in fact a meritorious act.  Harry Reid has needed to be reined in for some time now. Today is as good a day as any.


That’s all.

Moe Lane

*Choice of word deliberate.  If this be obstructionism, then make the most of it.


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