How Alejandro Mayorkas, Anthony Rodham, Greentech, Terry McAuliffe, Hillary Clinton, and EB-5 all cohere.

Amazing how all of these things keep interlocking.

  • Via Instapundit comes this report from Reuters that “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas, who has been nominated to be the deputy secretary of Homeland Security – and who could soon run the department – is under investigation by the department’s inspector general.”
  • Why is Mayorkas being investigated? Because he allegedly broke ethics rule by arranging for an ‘investor visa’ for Gulf Coast Funds Management.
  • Gulf Coast Funds Management is run by Hillary Clinton’s brother Anthony Rodham.
  • This is where we have to leave Reuters, because Reuters – accidentally or deliberately – decided to stop telling the story.
  • An ‘investor visa’ means an EB-5 visa… and this is where we get deep into the weeds. EB-5 visas are pretty much designed to trade green cards for significant foreign investment, thus making them very very valuable things indeed. There have been allegations – vehemently denied (which is to say, lawsuits are involved) – that Gulf Coast operated the ‘green car’ Greentech Automotive company as essentially a pay-for-visa program.
  • This is important partially because Gulf Coast is run by Anthony Rodham, who is the brother of Hillary Clinton, who is the political patron of Terry McAuliffe, who ran Greentech up to the point where doing so became a political liability for his Virginia gubernatorial campaign.
  • And, for the absolute cherry on this particular case: McAuliffe actively pushed Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano for movement on EB-5 visas for Greentech. Did it work? Well, apparently there was some movement on this by January.
  • Hey! Didn’t Janet Napolitano suddenly announce that she was quitting, two weeks ago?

Amazing what all of these people get up to, when there’s no real scrutiny, huh? …Allegedly.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: The Washington Post is now reporting on all of this; the gritting of their teeth can be audibly heard throughout. Not good news for Terry McAuliffe.


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