The South Carolina 1st Congressional District Special Election Primary Open Thread.

At the moment, it looks like a runoff is likely: Mark Sanford is ahead, but he’s only getting about 35% of the vote.  Will link to updated results when I get a good one. [UPDATE: Politico’s results are here.]


Moe Lane

PS: The Democrat nominee will be Elizabeth Colbert Busch; based on the fact that she’s getting less votes than Sanford and the general makeup of the SC-01 electorate, I don’t think that she’s going to win this election. [Further UPDATE: here’s the AP feed.  Based on my eyeballing of previous primary election results, the most charitable conclusion to be drawn is that Ms. Busch is going to do just well enough to break many Democrats’ hearts in the end; it’s more likely that she’s going to crash and burn.]


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