Barack Obama to double down on sequester stupidity and cancel Easter Egg Roll?

I am starting to conclude that Barack Obama is simply not as bright as he thinks that he is:

The next casualty of sequestration could be the Easter Bunny – at least according to a White House e-mail that recently landed in Capitol Hill inboxes.

The White House warned Congress that budget cuts could nix the annual Easter Egg Roll for kids, which is planned for April 1.


Neither, apparently, is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who spent Friday absolutely pooh-poohing (with a heavy dose of condescension) the idea that the Easter Egg Roll could ever be canceled:

“Well actually, [Fox News’] Jenna [Lee], again, if you did a little reporting, you’d know that the Easter Egg Roll is open for a lot of military families,” Carney said. “It’s paid for by the sale of those eggs that come out as well as from donations on the outside. It’s a totally different budget. These are apples and oranges.”

April Fools!

No, seriously, this is dumb. The American people were already not buying into the idea that the White House had to cut its tours because of those dastardly Republicans; I’m missing how the administration can legitimately think that this idea will work better. There is a rule in politics: Do Not Make Small Children Cry. No money in the budget for the Easter eggs, Mister President? Then stop playing golf. There. Use that money to fund the precocious moppets and the sack races.


Via @benhowe.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: What makes this really delicious is that, prior to Barack Obama, the Easter Egg Roll was a strictly-local event designed to show Washingtonian families a nice time. But Barack Obama wanted to suck up to families nationwide, so he changed that… which means that now he’s potentially offending parents nationwide, instead of parents from an area that would vote for Medhi Ouazzani himself* if he ran as a Democrat. Karma. It’s what’s for dinner.

*I know, I know: this is going to be a hideously dated reference by, say, June.


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