New Jersey Democratic Mayor to... it's too comprehensively fun to summarize, sorry.

It’s hard out there for a New Jersey Democrat:

East Brunswick Mayor Dave Stahl will head to the Colonial Diner (located at 560 Route 18 N) [Tuesday] morning at 10:30 a.m. and announce his intention to (1) endorse Chris Christie AND (2) switch parties (3) AND run as a GOP candidate for State Senate this fall. That’s Buono’s seat.


‘Buono’ being ‘Christine [Barbara*] Buono,’ who Chris Christie is currently beating in a head-to-head poll 58/22; Christie is currently getting the support of 1/3 of NJ Democrats, including (the last time I checked) my mom. I’m mentioning that last bit because my mom (who I dearly love) is practically a Trotskyite; if this keeps up then I may not even bother to declare DOOM. It’d be… cruel. I never did that to Alvin Greene or Tara Hollis, after all.



Yes, exactly.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

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*I had somebody point this out.  I fixed it; but, really, who cares?


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