I do not say that Jack Lew's signature disqualifies him for Treasury Secretary.

I am saying that it’s… well, look.

(via AOL)

Seriously? When New York Magazine says that something is a problem for a Democrat, then something is a problem for a Democrat. That’s maybe going to go on our dollar bills if we’re not careful… or if Jack Lew doesn’t learn how to write his name out legibly. I suggest some emergency Palmer penmanship therapy.


(H/T: Jim Geraghty)

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yes, I know, I know: this is an absurd thing to judge a Treasury Secretary nominee on. But… dear God, look at it again.

That is going to be op-ed fodder for the next four years, if Jack Lew is confirmed as Treasury Secretary and does not learn how to write his name out in the intervening period. That is a softball that is going to be lobbed at the editorial cartoonists. And it’s a fixable problem.

PPS: Annnnd the Washington Post uses this opportunity to compare Jack Lew’s ‘loopy’ signature to… Lady Diana’s.


This will not end well.


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