Breaking: Hilda Solis has resigned as Secretary of Labor.

Pretty much out of nowhere: as of an hour ago CNN was reporting that the White House was touting Hilda Solis as a mark of its diversity.

Mind you, they were doing so as part of a post about how Barack Obama’s Cabinet is becoming, and I quote CNN here, ‘a boys club.’ At any rate, this was and is very much a surprise, so there are two questions to ask:

  1. Did Hilda Solis resign, or was she pushed? Or is she running like blazes before the revelations detonate?
  2. What white guy will Barack Obama pick as her replacement? – Because it probably will be one. Philip Klein suggests that the President should not waste our time this go-round and just nominate Dick Trumka; while that would be a mistake, it does have the virtue of essential honesty.

This is going to be an interesting few weeks.

Moe Lane (crosspost)



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