Bob Shrum ignorantly and incorrectly lectures Senator Ron Johnson.

Here’s a pro-tip* for Bob Shrum: if you’re going to try to marginalize and mock a US Senator (to the point of calling him “buddy”), make sure that you have the right info first.



Relevant transcript from the Washington Free Beacon:

SHRUM: You won’t vote for [Obama’s budget proposals]

JOHNSON: Nor have any Democrats.

SHRUM: Democrats have voted for those budgets and supported those budgets.

JOHNSON: Zero to 610 is the vote total of the last three votes on his last three budgets, 0-610. Do you think that’s a serious proposal? President Obama, show us your plan.

Needless to say, Senator Johnson’s right: nobody likes Barack Obama’s budgets. Nobody’s stupid enough to vote for them, either. Well, nobody in Congress is stupid enough; there’s apparently a bunch of people in the commentariat who are apparently dumb enough to sign off of them…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Actually, there are two pro-tips. While I understand that Bob Shrum is very pumped about the fact that Barack Obama has won an election, he should keep in mind that one of the major reasons that Barack Obama won his elections is because he has specifically kept Bob Shrum far, far away from his campaign. Which is what makes it so… bemusing… to see Shrum presume to lecture Senator Ron Johnson (who came out of nowhere to throw Russ Feingold out of his seat) on winners and losers. Since when has the former known what winning a Presidential race feels like from the inside?



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