Mia Love (R CAND, UT-04) targeted with vicious racist hate mail.

Come, let me reveal a deep, dark secret of the Mia Love campaign: she’s black.

Did you care? Can’t say that I care much, either: what I care about is whether she has the resources and ability to defeat Jim Matheson in this year’s UT-04 Congressional race. The possibility is tantalizingly there: and apparently it’s worrying Utahn Democrats. Which is fine… except when Utahn Democrats may have allowed Mia’s skin color to taint their own judgement and self respect:


A packet of information sent to Mayor Mia Love‘s office that city officials described as racist launched a police investigation Tuesday.

City Manager Mark Christensen described the contents of the thick envelope as “disturbing” and “pretty creepy stuff.” He said it included a picture of Love and her husband, Jason, and a hooded Ku Klux Klan character. There also were pictures of aborted fetuses, he said.

(H/T: Instapundit) If you’re wondering why I’m ready to believe that this was politically motivated hate mail, as opposed to your standard worms-in-the-head hate mail… it may be because the Matheson campaign is already desperately trying to (deniably) insinuate that Mia Love is an anchor baby. Not that I’m saying that Matheson sent the photos, of course. Or that his campaign staff did. Just that whoever did sent that hate mail is going to be at the polls bright and early on Election Day to vote for the Democrat…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Mia Love for UT-04.


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