Meet West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw (D).

Say hi to the nice people of West Virginia, Attorney General – NO! NO!  BAD TOUCH!  BAD TOUCH!

That’s a still from the YouTube video below, which shows Attorney General McGraw assaulting an opposition cameraman in that way that we have grown to associate with Democrats with entitlement issues:



Apparently, McGraw is being kind of touchy that Republican challenger Patrick Morrisey keeps calling for debates; or maybe he was just upset that a Morrisey staffer caught McGraw talking trash about a woman behind that woman’s back. Either way, Jonah Goldberg called the eventual response ‘kinda creepy,’ which it is: this guy apparently has a bit of poor impulse control, there.  Which is not exactly the sort of thing that you want to see in an Attorney General, maybe?

That’s pretty much it.  Except, of course, for this: Patrick Morrisey for West Virginia Attorney General.


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