CT-SEN race looking better and better for Linda McMahon (R CAND).

What in blazes is going on in Connecticut? Quinnipac polled the McMahon/Murphy CT-SEN race, and it found the same results for that race as did Rasmussen: 49/46 for the GOP candidate. The Q-poll is also showing Obama over Romney… by seven points, which as Hot Air notes is actually awful news for the President; he should be up by double digits there. All in all: this is not yet an upset situation… but it is becoming a bit evocative of the Johnson/Feingold WI-SEN race in 2010.


Or it could just be another state moving away from the Red State / Blue State metaphor that we’ve all been using since the 2000 election. It’s easy to forget that as recently as 2006 Connecticut was a state which voted Democratic in Presidential elections, but was more than happy to elect Republicans to other offices; in that year Republicans held the governorship, and the majority of the state’s Congressional Districts. Admittedly, most of those Republicans were what has been diplomatically called Northeastern Republicans, which is a term of art that covers a good amount of intra-party awkwardness; but a seat is a seat*, and rebuilding the GOP in New England will pay dividends down the line.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Linda McMahon for Senate.

*There are a lot of Democrats currently scratching their heads about why we haven’t declared jihad against Scott Brown. Short answer: the Republican party that resides in the collective id of the Democratic party base is not the Republican party of reality. Slightly longer answer: …shoot, most of the people who read this already know the answer, and I don’t really care if the Democrats figure it out or not.



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