Is YOUR Democratic politician going to the Democratic convention?

Because we’re getting quite a list going of Democrats who are too frightened of being associated with the President to want to go to an Obama-dominated convention (or, as Michelle Malkin rather elegantly put it, the upcoming “Tarheel trainwreck“). So far…


It occurs to me that anybody out there with both a video camera and a national-level Democrat worried about his/her reelection would be well served to intersect the two and ask said Democrat whether s/he is attending the convention in Charlotte. My decidedly amateur advice on this would be: be polite about it.  Be sweet, even – and if the politician in question tries to brazen it out with a clear and resounding yes, be sure to follow up with a quick “Does that mean that you stand with NC Chair David Parker, then?” Mostly because there isn’t a good answer to that question.

Anyway, remember: the point is just to have fun. And get video of Democratic politicians flopping about in response to fairly straightforward questions… wait, no, that still falls under the category of ‘having fun.’

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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