Romney/RNC outraises Obama/DNC in May.

If you remember the 2008 elections, you might remember a somewhat cruel, if clever, tactic that the Obama campaign would use: their habit of deliberately delaying sometimes announcing just how much money they raised in a given month. You see, it was a truism that, if you chose to wait until the last minute to file the fundraising report, it meant that the numbers were bad, or not as good as they could have been. So Obama for America would not announce their numbers right away, causing speculation that said numbers were off – and then get more buzz when it turned out that they had done well anyway.


So you can imagine how loudly I laughed when I saw this: “Only a few hours after the Obama campaign announced a $60 million haul along with the Democratic Party, Mitt Romney’s campaign said they and the Republican Party pulled in $76.8 million in May.”

Karma. It’s what’s for dinner. And I bet that Obama’s next release of fundraising information will be gamed out ahead of time to a fare-thee-well.

Moe Lane

PS: How desperate is NPR to make this sound good for the President? Well, they reached back to 2004 to compare the situation to Bush vs. Kerry (they called it ‘Kerry vs. Bush,’ which gives you an idea of their impartiality), with Obama being identified as being Bush-like. I wonder if anybody’s soul at NPR died a little from doing that. Probably.


PPS: Romney/RNC reportedly has $107 million cash on hand. Obama/DNC? …Well, I’m sure that they’ll get those numbers to us. At least minutes before the FEC deadline.


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