The RNC ...cuts and pastes OfA's Anna Wintour ad.

You know how people would joke that it was going to be incredibly easy for the RNC to do campaign ads this election season, because they’d write themselves? That in fact the GOP would just have to show Obama and the Democrats being… Obama and the Democrats? That we might not even have to do more than cut and paste?


Yeah. As God is my witness, we were JOKING about that last part. We didn’t think that our opponents were going to be that dumb.

For those without video access: it’s essentially a rebroadcast of Anna “This Was The Devil Who Was Wearing The Prada” Wintour’s Friday campaign ad* urging people to participate in a ritzy shmooze-with-celebrities fundraising dinner (you could meet Sarah Jessica Parker!), coupled with the RNC‘s helpful annotations of how unemployment for women, Latinos, and African-Americans has increased under President Obama’s, and I use the term loosely, leadership. I especially enjoyed the nice touch by the RNC where they had the “Actual Obama Campaign Video” disclaimer prominently displayed throughout; otherwise people WOULD have thought that the GOP was making it all up.


Jim Geraghty has more, including some very unkind – and yet, hysterical – commentary by Juan Williams on just how tin-eared this was by the Obama campaign. Other than that, not much else to say… unless mocking laughter counts as speech. Which presumably it does.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Man, this is going to be a fun election cycle. Well, fun for me.

*The timing on that one was, as one might say, infelicitous.


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