Politico's Arresting, COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTED, claim about African-American voters.

(Via Hot Air) Specifically, North Carolinian voters on Tuesday’s Amendment One vote banning same-sex marriage:

African-Americans voted 2-1 in favor of the North Carolina amendment banning gay marriage Tuesday, but the White House is betting that black voters there and beyond will stick with the president, despite broad resistance to legalization.


…and that’s it. There’s no backup for that at all in the article. The question is of some interest – African-American opposition to California’s same-sex marriage laws gave social conservatives a completely unexpected victory on 2008’s Election Night – but if there are actual exit polls publicly available then I have yet to see them. For that matter, ABC News reported today (May 10, 2012) that there was no exit polling in North Carolina for Amendment One. At all.

So where did Politico get that number?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: While we’re on the subject of not linking to things, the April Pew poll that Politico referenced can be found here. Opposition/Support for same-sex marriage among Black voters went from 63/26 in 2008 to 49/39. I am uncertain as to why they didn’t link to this poll…

Ah. Of course.  The author may have… issues… with the Second Amendment.


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