It's a POTUS-eat-dog-on-the-roof world out there...

Well. That entire ‘Romney’s dog on the car roof’ thing didn’t really go the way that Team Obama intended it to, did it?

If you missed it, here’s the background: agents from Obama’s campaign team started up with that old story about the time that Mitt Romney drove cross-country with his dog in a carrying case that had been lashed to the top of the car. Said relating of said story was getting pretty well disseminated until it got pointed out that as a kid Barack Obama once ate a dog, which was then disseminated in its turn – including by agents of Romney’s campaign, which is an important point – until the Obama campaign started arguing that bringing that up was equivalent to attacking a child. Which is funny, because Barack Obama only told that story in the first place because it made him seem more exotic and transgressive; which was great for 2008, and not so great for 2012.


But never mind that right now. Erick over at RedState thinks that this indicates a general lack of senses of humor in American politics – true, by the way – and that when it comes to the general election at this rate “the public will choose the man with the thicker skin.” Which is hopefully true, because they don’t get much thinner-skinned than Barack Obama and his Magical Mystery Space Unicorn Entourage. I’ll add to that observation by pointing out that it’s kind of interesting that Team Obama was clearly not expecting any sort of push back on this; which is one more indication that the Democrats have not yet come to grips [with the ideas] that 2012 is not 2008 and Mitt Romney is apparently not John McCain**. McCain never adequately pushed back on things like this, and it’s definitely pleasant to see early indications that Romney will. Judging from the various mildy unhinged reactions from the usual suspects over on the Left, this is coming as a bit of an unpleasant surprise to them. Albeit (hopefully) not enough of one to make them change their ways.

Which leads to the sixty-four dollar question: what will Team Obama do next to try to turn Romney into the Other? Well, based on past rhetoric it’ll probably have something to do with Mormon-style underwear. Yeah, focusing on exotic religious/cultural garb will surely make Romney seem less mainstream than his oppone…


Erm. Well, never mind.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: For everybody about to start going off on just how horrible it is that politics in this country have devolved to this extent, I have two responses. First: spare me the angst and despair. Second, and let me echo on this: go read a history book. This is nothing, compared to some of the elections that we’ve had. Like, say, the one in 1800.

*Classical reference.

**Thank you, God.


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