Barack Obama and the negative decrease of gas prices since 2008.

Via Hot Air comes this rather-embarrassing 2008 Obama campaign video that’s simply too good – and by ‘good’ I mean ‘humiliating to the Obama administration’ – not to share. Here you go:


Hear that? When elected, Barack Obama promised to do something about those awful THREE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENT A GALLON gas prices! Because of all those awful OIL COMPANIES! Wasn’t that nice of him?

Well, maybe. Because I don’t think that it quite worked out that way:

That $3.80/gallon is today’s (03/12/2012) number. And how does the long-term trend look, since… oh, 2006 or so (otherwise known as When we let the Democrats run Congress)? Look, and see:

That rather alarming drop, by the way, is an artifact of the 2008 financial meltdown that is the actual reason why Barack Obama is President of the United States. Or at least a President who got a popular vote majority. And I’m being told by our resident energy expert that while the 2008 price spike was a spike, the 2011 prices represent structurally higher prices. That means that 2011 is the new baseline, and if there is an economic recovery and production does not increase to match supply then said recovery will result in even higher prices. Which will impose entirely avoidable limits on that recovery.

So. Back in 2007, Barack Obama promised to do something about these $3.50/gallon gas prices, and apparently he did: we’re now at $3.80/gallon gas prices. And notice how the trend lines are going? The price goes up a bit, goes down a bit, but generally ratchets up over time. It takes a full-fledged fiscal crisis to knock down demand to the point where prices significantly drop… and even that didn’t take. All of which means that the price is probably going to go up in the near future, too. Call it… a Democrat tax. No, better: an Obamatax. We seem to have spawned a lot of these unnecessary brakes on the economy, lately.


Mind you, I do have a recommendation for the President on how to get out of this mess. Unfortunately, it’s probably unprintable, given that it involves… ah, drastically repositioning the spacial coordinates of his thumb? That’s probably a safe enough way of putting it…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Matthew 7:16. NIV version, if anybody’s interested.



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