Occupiers Occupy 702 Vermont St, Brooklyn.

I have a shocking thing to tell you!  It turns out that when you allow your house to be taken over by a group of dirty, smelly hippie wannabes with no real understanding for, or appreciation of, the concept of public property… you end up with a house that, if it was a horse, would be a prime candidate for being shot.


And I am not exaggerating.  The backstory: a guy named Wise Ahadzi was talked into letting the Occupiers take over his house in Brooklyn while he tried to negotiate with the bank to save it from foreclosure.  The idea was that the Occupiers would put up a homeless man (Alfredo Carrasquillo) and his family as a public relations project and proof of Congress.  The end result? Wholly predictable: the Occupiers ripped out the internal walls, destroyed the plumbing, destroyed the carpeting, garbage and associated filth everywhere… and no homeless family.  Not enough room for the kids, so they mostly handed it all off to the inevitable squatters.  Who apparently walked off with or wrecked everything, literally down to the kitchen sink:

“This is where my kitchen was,” Ahadzi says. There is no sink, no refrigerator and no counter space. Instead there are dirty dishes piled high waiting for a dip in three large buckets of putrid water that serve as the dishwashing system.


The important point to take away from this? This is not a surprise. This is what the Occupiers do. Occupier sites are notorious for their utter disregard for both public and private property, and the cost to clean up the aftermath of one of their extended squats – and by ‘clean up’ I mean ‘fumigate and disinfect to the point where the site is useable by civilized human beings’ – can and have hit six figures in some places. So it’s no real news that the group are going to be just as bad on the micro scale as they are on the macro one…

(H/T: Hot Air)

Moe Lane


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