The self-correcting conservative Democratic liar problem.

In today’s Morning Jolt Jim Geraghty observed, while implicitly dismissing former (involuntarily) Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper’s (D, PA) sudden getting religion over Obamacare for the cynical political move that it probably is, that the myth of the conservative Democratic Congressman was, well, a myth – and that he’s been saying that since 2010. Well, I’ve been saying that, too – so I decided to look at all the examples of so-called conservative Democrats found in that article, and where they are now. The results were amazingly gratifying:

  • Bart Gordon (forced to retire, 2010)
  • Bobby Bright (removed, 2010)
  • Dan Boren (cutting and running, 2012)
  • Gene Taylor (removed, 2010)
  • Heath Shuler (cutting and running, 2012)
  • Joe Donnelly (switching out to lose Senate race, 2012)
  • John Barrow (going out fighting [cruelly redistricted], 2012)
  • S.H. Sandlin (removed, 2010)
  • Walt Minnick (removed, 2010)

In other words, it turns out that they really are a myth, now. It used to be that they were a myth because you couldn’t count on them to vote conservative when it counted; now they’re a myth because it’s getting harder and harder to find them in their supposed natural habitat. Which is a shame, but then nobody forced them to keep supporting a party leadership that pretty much hates everything that conservative Democrats supposedly stand for…

Moe Lane (crosspost)


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