The American Family Association has NOT endorsed Newt Gingrich.

Earlier today, The Hill reported that the American Family Association (AFA) endorsed Newt Gingrich (screenshot here).  This report has since been corrected: what has happened that Newt Gingrich has received an endorsement from Rev. Don Wildmon.  For those unfamiliar with the AFA, Rev. Wildmon is of course its founder of the AFA, but he’s not actually the chairman.  He retired last year for health reasons and is now the chairman emeritus.  His son Tim Wildmon has been in charge of the organization since March of 2010.  There has been no endorsement issued by the AFA as a whole at this time.


Please note that none of this is a criticism of the Gingrich campaign, which did not claim the endorsement of the AFA as a whole.  And certainly getting the endorsement of the Chairman Emeritus of the AFA will be helpful to Gingrich.  I note all of this solely because there had been confusion over the scope of the endorsement, earlier.

Moe Lane  (A earlier – and notably different – version of this post was crossposted here.)



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